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It’s only matter of time before the QB player Mitchell Trubisky from the Chicago Bears, will be part of the starting lineup. There’s controversy around who will be the quarterback for the next season. The veteran Mike Glennon, who has been involved in a wrong payment of 16$ guaranteed in 2017, is the clear number 1 quarterback of the team. The general manager Ryan Pace said there won’t be any controversy around these decisions of the club, because they stated clearly who will be the quarterback. In April, Trubisky became the 27th quarterback drafted in the top 1. Only 2 of those 26 quarterback had failed to start a game during their seasons: Jake Locker, Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers.

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The Bengals’ decision to sit Palmer helped him to develop as an upper-echelon NFL quarterback, a title he has hold for many years. Locker on the other side retired in March 2015. These three are exceptions of the rule. The Bears tried to build an armor around Trubisky with Glennon and Sanchez, but at the end of the day the player needs to start.

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The Bears also signed another player named Mark Sanchez, a deal who worth $1 million guaranteed. But quarterback who are in the top 10 rarely sit for long waiting their turn, that’s the way it works in the NFL. In a perfect scenery, rookie quarterbacks would sit until they’re ready to play in the NFL. Injuries and other pressures often push teams to speed up these procedures, especially with those drafted in the top. Probably Trubisky will soon be the best quarterback in the room. When that happens, they will need him on the game. The Bears need to level up their game because they haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010 and have lost 23 of 32 games last season.