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Poker – Freeroll Tournaments

FreeRollWhile the term ‘Freeroll’ poker refers to two possible situations: a Freeroll poker hand and a Freeroll poker tournament. The main use of the term refers to a tournament in which cash and prizes are offered to the winners but there is no entrance fee.

Freeroll tournaments are a great way for online poker rooms to promote new features or attract new players and they are also a golden opportunity for new players to get some tournament experience without having too many overheads.

Freeroll Tournament?

It is used to describe a tournament that does not require a specific entrance fee, but will essentially require some sort of payment, usually in the form of points or credits. The tournament does not cost a player cash to enter, but the player stands in line of winning cash prizes, like in regular tournaments. The prize pool is not an accumulation of entry fees like in regular tournaments, but is rather a donation from the house.

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Why do Poker Rooms offer them?

Not all poker rooms offer Freeroll tournaments but those who do offer them, do so for specific reasons. Some casinos and poker rooms offer Freeroll tournaments to players in order to attract them to sample out some new software with the intention of grabbing their attention and in the hope that they will sign up for real money accounts. Some poker rooms offer Freeroll tournaments to encourage new visitors to their sites to try out new games. Some Freeroll tournaments however, are not open to the general gambling public, but only to regular members of a specific poker room to reward them for their loyalty.

Who qualifies for them?

Freeroll tournaments that are only opened to specific players require frequent players to use bonus or membership type points to qualify. At Regal Poker, these are called Copper Coins. Players earn these points when they play real money games and amass points whenever they make real money deposits. Players should read the poker rooms’ policy for gaining entrance to these tournaments and know where they stand. Players might have to have played a specific number of hands in order to qualify, and others might receive a personal invitation from the poker room for being a high roller. Some of the top prizes in these Freeroll tournaments can even end up with a player gaining a seat in the World Series of Poker or other major tournaments.

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