Regal Casino



Amanda King

PROFILE: Accountant by day and self-described poker nut by night. Her day job feeds her desire to hang up her business suits for a cap and glasses. Nothing suggests she is ready for prime time poker, but she does enjoy a good game of Omaha Hi /Lo. While you won’t find her hanging around the casino, don’t be surprised if you catch her lurking inside a Regal Poker room.


Freddy Royal

PROFILE: With a penchant for numbers and what can only be described as an uncanny ability to outwit even the smartest opponent, Freddy spends his days helping others manage their finances and his nights lining his own pockets with online poker winnings.


Steven Windsor

PROFILE: When he’s not working on his golf swing or spending time with his 5 grandchildren, Steve enjoys leisurely strolls, cooking and poker. He may be retired, but he’s far from washed up, especially when it comes to Texas Hold’em. Though he’s not a pro, he does win his share of pots and even competes in an occasional Regal Poker tourney. After all, who said retirement had to be boring?


Kevin Princely

PROFILE: Also known as the Duke of Detailing, Kevin’s automotive business keeps him busy during the week. But as soon as Saturday rolls around, he likes to let loose. When he isn’t barbecuing up a storm or playing touch football with the boys, he’s working on his Stud over at Regal.


Edwin England

PROFILE: Edward’s wealth of industry experience and management skills make him a valuable asset to the owner of the fish and chips restaurant he helps run, but it isn’t just French fries and cod he slings, he also dishes out some killer hands at Regal Poker. While he doesn’t always win he always has a great time and he’s sharpening his skills on a daily basis.


Sarah Monaco

PROFILE: Anybody who knows Sarah knows she isn’t shy, but when she’s got her mind on cards you certainly won’t hear a peep out of her. After all, she doesn’t want anything she says in the chat to let her opponents know what she’s got. But just because she isn’t noisy doesn’t mean she isn’t pumped every time she catches a good hand.