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2017 NFL Head Coaching Changes

2017 NFL Head Coaching ChangesSometimes, a coaching change is just necessary. Teams can maybe not improve and conceivably get even worse with it. But also there are teams that get a big upgrade with a new voice leading them. A team’s profile can often change with a new person calling the shots on the sidelines and this is something NFL bettors must be conscious of when preparing for a new season.

The trend in the NFL seems to show that coaching tenures are getting shorter. This is the era of firings after one year and rotating carrousels at the coordinator positions. It can be hard to not only stay on top of it all, but to truly fathom all the ramifications that each coaching change represents.

Before looking at the new head coach, we must ask ourselves: Why did the old one leave? Did he retire? Was he fired? Did he take a new gig? Not all coaches leave a bad situation. A coach could over-achieve with a lesser team to pave the way for a more lucrative job with a more renowned team. He could have retired while still doing well. Often, though, a coach can get fired for under-achieving with an otherwise good team.

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You might have had the impression that a coaches’ style was wrong for a team. He might be conservative, while the roster is full of guys who should be turned loose. Some quarterbacks do better under different coaches and systems. That goes for all the positions. If the new coach has a system that you suspect is more favorable to the players and skills at his disposal, that’s a possibly a positive sign.

With new hirings, keep an open mind. The tendency is to demand for a known name. When a team makes a high-profile hire, people get excited. The media pumps it up. And naturally, the optimism grows. But remember that a lot of the more highly-regarded head coaches around today were at one time no-name hirings that made people be skeptical. Plus, a lot of older big-name coaches’ celebrity outshines their actual present-time merit as leaders. Not all legendary coaches come back and succeed.

For the NFL 2017 Season, the following were the most important firings: Jeff Fisher (Los Angeles Rams), Gus Bradley (Jacksonville Jaguars), Rex Ryan (Buffalo Bills), Mike McCoy (San Diego Chargers), Chip Kelly (San Francisco 49ers). In the other hand, Gary Kubiak, from the Denver Broncos, has retired.

Now, here is some info on the hirings each one of these teams has made:
Jaguars – Jacksonville has hired Tom Coughlin, the team’s first head coach, to be the Vice President of Football Operations, and retained interim head coach Doug Marrone, making him the full head coach. They also kept general manager David Caldwell.

Broncos – Now appears that Vance Joseph will be named the Broncos’ new head coach.
Bills – Sean McDermott has agreed to terms with the Bills.

Chargers – As the Chargers announce they are moving to Los Angeles, the team has hired former Bills interim head coach Anthony Lynn.

Rams – Not to be outdone, the LA Rams, who will be the senior team in LA having arrived in the city a year ago, have announced the hiring of Sean McVay, 30, as their head coach, making him the youngest head coach in the league – taking the title from Adam Gase – and the youngest in league history – surpassing Lane Kiffin.

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