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How to Win at Poker

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Follow these tips and you can’t lose in poker. At least not in the long run.

Take notes of your opponents

If that guy in seat five re-raised you with AJ five years ago, use it against him when he does it again. A quick check in your notes and you can come over the top of him.

Be honest about your mistakes

Making excuses for your bad plays is a fail-safe way to never improve your poker. If you see a mistake for what it is only once, you’ll be able to avoid it forever.

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Practice a lot

In practice, good decisions often come down to intuition, or gut feeling. The only way of perfecting this “system” is to train it. Only by playing thousands of hands can you move your decision making from brain to backbone.

Play your position

Acting last is a valuable advantage. You control the information and can always adjust to the opponent’s actions. Every time you play a hand in position, you increase your profit.

Do the opposite to your opponents

When they’re crazy, slow down. When they slow down, go crazy. Poker is like a game of roshambo – when they go with rock, chose paper. When they chose paper, go with scissors.

Don’t play tired

You need to concentrate on the game. When you’re tired, concentration goes down. Your profit goes down with it.

Learn to quit

When you’re playing poorly, don’t hang in there. Stand up, get on with your life, save yourself some money. Good quitting skills are a key to profitable poker.

Chose a good site

You play better when you feel comfortable. When you play better, you win more. Change site if you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t play drunk

Poker is a game of rational decisions. When you’re drunk, rationality goes out the door. Your profit goes out with it.

Choose your starting hands well

Some starting hands are more valuable than others. If your average starting hand is a little better than your opponent’s, how could you not win in the long run!

Don’t play from the blinds

When you play out of the blinds, you have bad position by definition. Avoid it, even though you have already put in a few chips in the pot. Exception: it’s profitable to play from the big blind against the small blind. Then you act last.

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