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How to play Blackjack

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Understanding blackjack is easy. The game starts after each player is given two cards face up and is then offered the choice of either drawing or hitting which means being given an extra card. This can only be done in the case that the cards in the player’s hands do not exceed the number 21. There are certain rules referring to how much each card represents. For example an ace can be either played as 11 or 1 whereas jacks, queens, kings and 10 are counted as 10. The scope of the game is to be lucky and smart enough not to exceed the number 21 with the cards in your hand. In the case that the number is exceeded, the player busts and then loses what is known as a wager.

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As blackjack is usually a game between the player and the dealer, one of the two cards which are given is dealt face up whereas the other one is dealt face down, also known as the hole card. One interesting thing is the fact that the dealer is actually the last to actually add another card to his own cards which represents an advantage. Luckily, there is also a disadvantage for the dealer thanks to the fact that they many never stand on a total which is less than 17, unlike the player.

Now comes the most fun part of it all- the actual payment. In the case that you’ve won a hand, the original bet is doubled and the money is given to you. However, in the case that there is a tie between the player and the dealer, then the bet is safely returned.

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One of the best parts of blackjack is actually scoring what is known as a ‘blackjack’, which represents an automatic win for the hand which is being played. With this in mind, in the case that a player has a combination of a card which is valued 10 together with an ace, then the hand is over and the money goes to the player who scored the blackjack.

The player’s choices

What makes blackjack a game for those who know the rules and techniques inside out is the fact that there are a couple of choices that each player has in certain circumstances.


Standing means that you wish to inform the dealer that you would not like to be given anymore cards. After this is done, the dealer has to show his/her cards and you can then see whether you’ve won the hand or not.


The action of hitting means asking the dealer to offer you another card.

Double Down

This is a more advanced technique and is used when a player would like to double his/her wager right after they have been dealt the first two cards. Once this is done, the player will be given another card. This technique is usually used when the conditions of the game are favourable for the player, but can also be used as a blushing technique for those who are more advanced in the arts of blackjack.


This is a bit more advanced. Splitting represents the process when a player wishes to split his hand into two different hands and is often used when they are offered two cards with the same value (4-4). There are certain things to keep in mind while splitting including the fact that it is never wise to split double 10s as such a hand can be won most of the times. Knowing when to split correctly can be a great skill for any blackjack player and can greatly increase a person’s chances of winning.


This represents what is often offered by casinos in the case that the dealer’s face up card turns out to be an ace. Taking insurance means that the players have to wager half of their original bet and be given less in the case of winning.


Well, this is quite self-explanatory. There are certain types of blackjack which allow a player to ‘fold’ or ‘surrender’ after their first two cards are given. However, the player will then lose half of their bet to the dealer/casino. It has been noticed that players usually surrender after the dealer does something which is known as checking for blackjack. This is when players usually decide to ‘late surrender’. There are also times which are rarer, but allow players to surrender early, but doing so will result in losing half of the original bet which isn’t really a good gamble for many players from all around the world.

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