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Betting decisions at Blackjack

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We are going to take a look at several betting and playing decisions that you can place and make at a Blackjack table. These betting decisions and playing moves are quite easy to remember, and each of them will allow you to make the correct strategic move whenever you have been dealt out any two initial cards.

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Initial Bet You first need to place an initial wager onto the table this will be your very first betting decision and this is placed in the circle directly in front of you. This must be a figure with-in the table limits, so don’t go placing a one dollar chip on a five dollar table or you will annoy the dealer! Make sure you have enough bankroll in case your need to double down or split (see below) your hand.

Splitting Cards

Another playing and betting decision that you are going to be faced with when you are playing Blackjack is in regards to Splitting a hand. You will be given the option of separating two cards into two new hands when for example a pair of similar valued cards has been dealt out to you.

When you split any pair of cards you are then going to have to place another bet which has to be of the same value as the initial wager you placed to get the Blackjack game underway on the second hand formed, and as such this type of wager will give you two chances of winning when playing any Blackjack game.

Hitting If you get dealt a hand that the correct Basic Strategy dictates that you should hit then you simply need to indicate to the dealer you wish to take another card, this card is given free of charge when you Hit a Hand. To indicate you wish to hit simply state “Hit” or wave your hand backwards and forwards, towards and away from yourself.

Doubling Down

Many Blackjack game variants will let you double the wager you initially placed on a base hand when it is your turn to take another card or stand your hand. However, you can only perform this Double Down move when you have been dealt certain two card hand combinations, and when you have doubled your initial wager you are only going to get one extra card in exchange for that additional stake.

The Double Down wager is a good valued bet but only at certain times. Much like any extra bet offered to you if you take it at the wrong time then you are playing the incorrect playing strategy which will cost you money over time and will have an impact on the overall house edge of the variant you are playing.

If you want to play a very, very low house edge, Blackjack game online then you are going to be very hard pressed to find a better game that the Classic Blackjack game found at any Microgaming software powered casino.

The only time you should take the Double Down options when playing this variant is when the Dealer has a 2 card or any card worth up to 9 in value and you have a hand valued at 10 or 11. Other times you should Double Down include when the Dealer has a card worth 2 to 6 and you have a two card hand worth 9 or when you have a pair of 5’s and the Dealer has a card worth 2 to 9 in value.

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Stand If you wish to stand your hand then this must be done clearly by either telling the dealer verbally you wish to Stand or wave your hand, palm down sideways.

Insurance When the dealer is showing an Ace you will be offered insurance this will cost you half your initial stake and you are betting that the dealer has a Blackjack. If you accept it you will have to place your chips on the layout as indicated by the dealer.

Always play the Blackjack game variants which have the lowest house edge. The house edge is of course a theoretical percentage of all players stakes that any casino whether land based or online, is going to win from players over the long term.

The best Blackjack games to play online are the Classic Blackjack game available at Microgaming powered sites and the Blackjack Switch game which you will always find readily available at all Playtech powered online casino sites.


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